Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last weekend we got together with some friends to celebrate Ryan's Birthday! We started off the evening with some crab hunting and then ended with Ryan's favorite dinner...chicken green chile enchiladas and crepes with nutella, banana and raspberry whipped cream for dessert! That was a mouthful.  
 Trent and Brian are both 6' 11" and they were twinners.  

 Misty hanging out with Asher
 Megan testing out her crab catching skills

Yes, that is them fighting over raw chicken. 

 By the end of our adventure the boys (none of us girls caught a single one) caught 14 crabs.  They are pretty big and disgusting. We threw them back in the water because they stink.
Asher has been loving to climb in the dishwasher. Troublemaker... but a cute one! He is almost one year old. My goodness that makes me sad!

It's been one month!

It has been one month since I started my fitness challenge! It has been hard, fun and actually it has been paying off!  I am feeling so much stronger and am starting to see some tone in my arms, legs and especially my abs.  My booty is feeling harder and it better be because I have been doing squats like it's my job.  Oh, and I have some abs again!!  My abs are something that I have really been working on because I felt like ever since having Asher my abs are non existent. How could they exist when they have been stretched miles apart?  I took these pictures by myself this week and had the camera set up on a pile of dvd's. They look a little sketchy but you get the idea. 

 I didn't mean to cut Asher's head off in the picture below. I am a mean mom.
I debated for the longest time whether or not to post these next pictures.  I am somewhat embarrassed because I know I still have a LOT of work to do but I thought I could show how working out is paying off in areas I haven't normally been showing on my blog.  I hope you can at least notice a little difference! I am not in any way trying to be immodest (mom) by showing these pictures.  Take it the right way ;)
                                       ABS: WEEK 1                                  ABS: WEEK 4
(I can definitely use a tanning salon.) 
Here is to MONTH TWO! I will really be focusing on cardio this month.  I feel like I spent this whole month gaining muscle and now I want to slim down and burn off some fat. I'll continue maintaining the muscle I have gained and continue trying to build in certain areas.  I guess that means I shouldn't bake something every single day? Ok, just every other day. (I'm currently eating a piece of carrot cake. my goodness)
Happy Conference weekend everyone!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I have been slacking big time on sharing some of my workouts.  I have been using a lot of workouts/tools from pinterest and am loving to discover new workouts or be refreshed on some old goodies.  Here are some websites that I have really been loving...

I love me some Bob Harper workouts.  I did this "travel" workout even though I was at the gym.  I loved it! I especially hated/loved the side to side burpee. Ouch!

I am sure if you are on pinterest then you have seen this great tool.  It has pretty generic exercises but it has helped remind me of some workouts that used to be my favorite staples.  I have been using this a lot to plan my workouts before I go to the gym.

Today I did a great treadmill workout!  It was so hard and I was majorly huffing and puffing.  The time passed quickly and I loved the feeling of getting my booty kicked.  

I've still been doing the hundred pushups challenge! I am loving the challenge and it is getting so tough!

Here is a full body circuit that I did the other day which was AMAZING and quick!

30 plie squats holding a 10 pound weight
15 seconds holding at the bottom of the plie
30 jumping lunges (these are my favorite leg exercise)
60 running butt kicks
15-20 pushups
50 crunches - fast
20 Leg extended tricep dips (switch leg at 10)
1 minute rest then repeat at least 3 times.

Plie Squat:  Feet turned out and a little bit further then shoulder width apart.  Bend your knees low enough to make a 90 degree angle with your legs.  Hold the weight with two hands beneath your chin.
Jumping Lunges:  One foot forward and bend legs into a lunge position with hands on hips or raised straight above your head. Jump up and switch feet to end with the opposite foot in front.  Alternating feet every time.
Running Butt Kicks:  Jogging in place but kick your butt with your heels.
Leg Extended Tricep Dips:  Get in the "crab position" with butt off the ground.  Lift one leg straight up into the air and bend and straighten elbows.  

I did this circuit 4 times and was sore the next day! I love a good but quick workout! Enjoy!

Friday, March 23, 2012

He had a Birthday!

Ryan had a BIRTHDAY! He wasn't too happy about this day but we had fun! Started off the morning with Ryan sleeping in until 11 (is that still considered morning?) and then eating german pancakes (of course!) Then I made a ton of cookies for Ryan's team and he headed off to practice. At night, Trent came over and we had sweet n' sour chicken for dinner and then Ryan's favorite cake since he was three years old...FUNFETTI with Rainbow Chip frosting. What a kid.
 I decided to see how many pictures I could take of Ryan until he would say something.  Picture #1 he already asked "Do I have to?"
 Picture #2 He said "Seriously? By myself, again?"
 And then I told him I wanted a picture with the favorite sign I made him.  He said "Fine, but this is the last one!"  I tried to convince him to take one more picture but then he caught on to the game I was playing.  I think I'm funny.
 After we ate dinner we went outside to try and catch crabs.  The boys caught about three.  We are going again this weekend with more supplies.
 Asher was wondering what on earth we were doing.

 Trent and Ryan trying to catch themselves some dinner. Sick.
 Asher is excited for his cake coming up soon!
 Since there is absolutely nothing here in Turkey that Ryan wanted for his Birthday I decided to get creative.  I wrote on small pieces of paper 27 memories I have with Ryan.  It was fun!! Cheesy? Ya, maybe a little. He liked the gift.
I asked Ryan what else he wanted for his birthday and he said to snuggle with Asher.  I brought Asher in from his crib to snuggle for about 30 minutes. So sweet. Asher isn't very fun to sleep with though because he rolls, sprawls and breathes really loud!
Happy Birthday Ryan! More festivities this weekend!

Keeping it going!

I'm a day late but here are my pictures and measurements! I'm still not seeing any miracles with the measurements but I am definitely feeling tighter and am starting to see definition come through!  I'm hoping this last month that the measurements will make change more drastically. I am getting small changes so something is better than nothing.  One thing I need to stop doing so much is baking! I've been baking something every single day for various things. Ryan's birthday, parties, guests etc.  It's throwing off my game!  I am now baking at most twice a week. 

I thought I'd show you that I'm getting my tricep muscle back! Yipee!

Measurements March 22nd- going into week 4
Hips/waist: 32 inches (down!)
Butt: 38 inches
Thighs: 22.5 inches
Bicep: 11.2 inches (down!)
Weight: 138 pounds

 No picture with Asher this week because he was busy snacking! He takes it seriously.

He wants to share his cracker with you.
He is such a scrumptious little dude.
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