Monday, June 28, 2010


Back in May we went on a vacation to Maui with the entire family. It was easily one of my top 5 favorite vacations up to date! You can't really top two weeks of playing, relaxing, snorkeling, eating, swimming, reading, hiking, playing cards, eating again and building a lot of sand castles. Did I mention eating? It was perfect timing for Ryan and me because it was right when we got home from Turkey and so we finally got to see all of my family! It was a much needed vacation and I really appreciate my parents taking us!
Pretty much the only entire family photo from the trip (missing Alycia. Sorry!!)

Incredible food! Eating at Nick's Fish Market
We went on a really fun hike called "The Swinging Bridges." The bridges were swaying and wobbly (spelling?) with planks missing but it made for quite the adventure! Yes, us girls screamed the entire way.
For some reason I thought it would be fun to take a picture of all the different shoe choices for this hike. Then I thought the picture was even more funny because you can see Benton sticking his little toes in the picture up at the top! So cute!
The boys decided to be crazy and go cliff jumping in this water. It was so scary to watch them but of course every time they would start thinking of crazier and crazier ideas we would yell things like "Remember LuLu!!!" to Cody about his baby on the way and I would yell "Do you want a job!!" to Ryan. We were really annoying but at least it kept them from doing anything too insane. We left without injuries!
The best Shaved Ice (or shave ice if you're local?) HUGE with ice cream on the bottom and cream, gummy bears with the best flavors on top!! If you ever go to Maui it is an absolute must to stop by Local Boys!

The took us forever to build but it was worth it when people would stop by and admire our castle building skills!

The boys before they went out to attempt catching a lobster with a stick.
Ryan and Benton have matching swimsuits!
Attempting to paddle board. It was fun but one time is all I need!
Kim and I both get really nervous to snorkel. You should have seen me clenching on to both of them the entire time we were snorkeling.
Thank you mom and dad for such a great trip! We really appreciate you taking us on such a perfect family vacation!

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