Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It all started when my family came to Turkey. They came to visit us for Christmas and we had so much fun! We were really busy going on different adventures attempting to see all of Turkey! The last few days of the vacation we went to Istanbul. It was INCREDIBLE!
Inside the Blue Mosque
My mom was begging me to purchase this hat...I went with a NO! I already stand out too much here in Turkey anyway. This is outside the Haghia Sophia
Outside of the Blue Mosque with the party animals themselves!
Inside the cistern...what used to be the main water source for Istanbul

At the Istanbul Bizarre!
The scarf man was a crack up! Anything we would put on he would say it was made specifically for us...what a "shmoozer!" But...we totally fell for his selling tactic!

Our new hats! I love these hats that my dad bought us in Istanbul! Not only did they keep us warm but they're also very cute!
Thanks for the fun trip to Istanbul mom and dad! I had so much fun and want to do it again. That is whenever you want to make the 24 hour trip back! Love you!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

When My Family Came to Turkey

We had visitors! My parents, along with my brother and sister in law came to visit us in Turkey for Christmas! It was so much fun! We traveled around, made lots of memories, laughed a lot, ate a lot, watched Basketball and I taught my family some Turkish. I have so many pictures and so many things to post but it will have to wait a couple days. That will be quite a task and I am enjoying my visit back to Utah for the month! Thank you family for coming to visit us! It was so nice to see you and celebrate Christmas with you.
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