Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am lucky...

Today I had a life changing experience. I will remember this day forever. I was able to go with the Humanitarian Missionaries to deliver about 50 of 250 wheelchairs that LDS Charities sent to Turkey. The people that received the wheelchairs all have some sort of handicap that you will see in the pictures below. These pictures don't even do these amazing people justice. They are so happy, outgoing, energetic and such sweet people. They act as though they have nothing to complain about. They get around in different ways and have just learned to adapt to their handicaps and make the best of them. Not only are the people with the handicap amazing but also their families which help to take care of them and practice constant patience.
These are the wheelchairs being unloaded off the truck.
These are some of the people that are members of the wheelchair Basketball team. They were here to support the charity and were so excited for the people receiving the wheelchairs. If you notice the man down on his knees his feet have been amputated. He makes the best of this by walking around on knee pads that he hand built for himself. He plays on the wheelchair Basketball team and is married to one of the woman that got a wheelchair today!
This sweet man scoots himself around on his hands and bum. He doesn't ask anyone for help and gets around as if there is nothing wrong with him. He even lifted himself up onto this bench.
Some of the family and friends of the people receiving wheelchairs today.
She is the head of one of the charities that arranges activities for people with handicaps. She is an amazing lady and you would never even guess there is anything wrong with her by the way she manages to get around and take care of everyone else.
She would call me "sister" today because we both have blonde hair! She is so sweet and is my same age!

She is still in a wheelchair from when she was a young child. It is way too small for her and it hurts her back to sit in such a small chair so she was ecstatic to be receiving a new wheelchair that will actually fit her!

HE GOT HIS WHEELCHAIR!! He was so cute and grateful. He was raising his hands up in the air and clapping when they lifted him up into the chair.
One of the guys from the wheelchair Basketball team putting together a new wheelchair for someone to receive.

This dad has carried around his son for 18 years everywhere they go because he hasn't had a wheelchair. The whole family was so excited and grateful to get this wheelchair so that it will be easier to take him out places!

The girl in the wheelchair is married to the guy on the left that wears the kneepads to get around. They are the cutest and happiest couple. They take such great care of each other.
I am so happy that I was able to go with the Humanitarian Missionaries today. I have realized through experiences like this that Ryan and I haven't been sent to Turkey just for Basketball. I am learning everyday that I have so much to be thankful for! I feel like the people that we are able to help end up changing and inspiring me more then we change/help them!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Who is 25!? RYAN

Ryan had a Birthday! Yesterday was the big guys Birthday and it was a great day! Well, the party started the night before when the team had a great win and Ryan had 24 points with a sweet dunk! After the game we went to Paprika an italian restaurant for dinner and then hung out with team mates til the "wee" hours of the night. We haven't done that in a long time! Then the actual "Day of Birth" began...
with German Pancakes for breakfast. It's always Ryan's breakfast request!
My sister Kim made us this adorable banner. WE LOVE IT!! Thanks Kim!

I know I look scary but this is the
only picture of us on his Birthday. For dinner Ryan wanted Chicken and Salsa Verde Enchiladas. I had brought some salsa verde from home so he was lucky! Then after dinner we had a party with Ryan's American team mates and a couple
of his Turkish team mates. We had tons of desserts and played games. It was definitely a success!

All of the desserts were requested by Ryan. Vanilla cupcakes with Raspberry frosting,
Powdered Sugar Donut Holes, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars, Lemon Bars and Fruit Pizza (thanks to Emily for the fruit pizza!)
Happy Birthday Ryan! I hope it was a good one!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Entertaining game

The last home game was against a team called Fenerbahce. They are tied for #1 in the league right now. Karsiyaka played them at home last week and it was VERY entertaining. The first time they played them at Fenerbahce they actually won! Yes, we ended up losing this time but not without a fight. I literally mean a fight. I of course only got the after drama recorded but I can give you a good little description. We were running back for offense when one of the Fenerbahce players wrapped his arms through Andre's and help him behind his back. Andre of course flung him off and the fight began. Swings and all! It was a full out brawl. This is when it gets crazy! The fans started throwing everything you can think of out onto the court. Water bottles, keys, coins, cell phones, pens and plenty of random objects. It was insane! LOYAL KSK FANS! We were ducking for cover! The Fener players were getting pelted with everything! The KSK players ran out of the gym and into the locker room to avoid getting hurt. The glass protecting shield that is behind the opponents bench got shattered and there was stuff everywhere! It took a good half hour for everything to be picked up and cleaned up. Ryan came out and started picking stuff up off the floor himself because he was sick of waiting. You are probably wondering if I was scared. Nope! There were plenty of police around us and honestly if you are in the KSK arena FOR KSK you are perfectly safe!
Here is a picture of Ryan and Andre cleaning up the floor.
If you look close you can see all the police with their helmets on and all the KSK fans trying to rush them in order to get to the Fenerbahce fans. It was intense!
Emily and I were completely entertained through the whole thing. We actually thought it was pretty funny except for the fact that she obviously didn't want Andre to get hurt. The video below isn't anything too exciting it's pretty much after all the drama. It was a fun game even with a loss! Of course, it would have been even better with a win.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day Off

FINALLY!! Ryan had a day off and we were able to go do something outside of Karsiyaka. We went across the water to Alsancak to walk around and go to the Kemeralti Bazarre. It was such a fun day and it was getting to the point that both of us NEEDED to get out and do something. I can go do whatever I want because I have so much free time but it isn't at all the same without Ryan.
I saw this cute little pastry that was pink and so we decided to give it a try! It was a major disappointment!! It looked so cute and yummy but it definitely put on a good disguise. It was just a dry white cake that gave you cotton mouth. We had one bite and threw it away. At least it was only 1 lira!

On the ferry riding across the water. Ryan won't ever let me take pictures of him so I have to make due with a lot of "back of the head" pictures! I still love this picture and he does a very good pose from the back!

At the end of the day we were trying to decide where to eat. There are a lot of really nice restaurants on the other side of the water but we weren't sure which one to choose. Then we came across a KFC! Yes, we chose KFC over any other restaurant. I'll tell you what folks, sometimes some greasy, fried, American food just sounds amazing! And amazing it was!! Also, when Ryan does let me take pictures of him he gives me this face. It's like trying to get a little kid to smile! "SAY CHEESE!"
I couldn't help myself...I had to take a picture of this! Look at all that fabric! My goodness. It looks like a 3 tiered cake! Sorry if your wedding dress looked like this...I am sure you made this dress look good!

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