Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Make it work!" Tim Gunn

Well, we have been in transition. We first got here to Turkey and were in a temporary apartment until the team helped us find the apartment that we wanted to live in. This meant that Asher had no crib. We tried everything. Laying him on the floor on a blanket. Fail. He rolls over now and so he would wake up crying because he would be face down on carpet. We then tried the stroller. Fail. He would roll in that and hit his face etc. So then for a few nights he slept with us. I hate this. I don't sleep well and neither does Ryan. I had enough of this co-sleeping (although I do love to snuggle for nap time. oops!) and came up with a plan. I turned one of our suitcases into a crib. I padded it with about 6 blankets and tried to make it as comfy as possible and plopped him on in. It worked! He slept so much longer and I woke up actually feeling like I had gotten a full night of sleep. Luckily we only had to do that for a few nights because we found the place we wanted and got Asher all set up. He now has his first somewhat of a nursery. I feel bad for the baby. He has never had a decked out nursery. I think this is something I feel sad about and he will never even have a clue about. Someday I will be in one place for longer then 9 months right? Until then, make a little feel like a lot!

I honestly don't know what I would do without Ikea. It saves me year after year. I know the pictures aren't exactly hung straight. I had to use previously punched nail holes. I don't think Asher cares if his pictures are a little ski-wompis.

He doesn't seem to mind too much! He's a happy little guy.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blessing Day

Sunday June 12th, 2011 was Asher's very special day. It was his blessing day! He was given his full name of Asher Michael Toolson after his awesome Papa Mike. Ryan did an amazing job with such a heartfelt and important blessing. Asher just looked up at everyone during the entire blessing and didn't even make a sound. I was emotional the entire time. I started crying when we sang "I am a Child of God" before Ryan even started the blessing! I was a wreck I tell ya! The Spirit was strong and the room was filled with love! I am so happy to know that Ryan is a worthy Priesthood holder and is able to give our children such important blessings.

My mom helping me get Asher all dressed for his debut. She was a busy Martha Stewart getting everything ready for his blessing! She made the most amazing food and did everything in an "Italian" theme.

Danielle and Kim (no pics with Kim?) were amazing helping my mom put the entire day together! They were lifesavers!

He looks Angelic.

All of the Toolson side that came to be there for Asher.

And the Campbell/Hansen side.

And of course more family...STEF! Thank you friends Stef and Allen, Lauren and Whitney and Jordan for coming!

The feast! We served my mom's scrumptious homemade lasagna, caesar salad, melon with prosciutto and baguettes. Of course there was dessert! It was ice cream with nutella and berries and to top it off delicious cookies that had red and green m&m's! So creative!
Thank you everyone for the love and support on Asher's special day!

Summer 2011

We arrived back in the U.S. of A. on June 1st and immediately went down to St. George for a little reunion with the Campbell side. It is a very rare occasion for us to all be together in one place at one time so it was extremely fun! We enjoyed boating, swimming, tennis, walks, delicious food and my mom had the genius idea of celebrating all of our Birthdays! We are rarely together to celebrate Birthdays and so each day was a new groups special day. On your day your group was able to choose the activity of the day, where we ate and what we had for dessert! What a party! You're such a party animal mom!

Thanks dad for a fun day on the lake!

Our attempt at a "some of the cousins" picture!
St. George was such a fun vacation and I loved having everyone all together in the same Country, same State AND same City for just a little while.
When we got home from St. George we were able to continue the fun! Mimi, Papa Mike and Grandma Baker came to meet Asher! They came in town for his Blessing and Asher was definitely excited to meet them! Mimi and Grandma got some big smiles out of Asher and he loved snuggling up on them.

Friday, August 12, 2011

We're back and running

We had a really fast and crazy summer! I didn't have a second to breathe because we wanted to spend as much time as possible with our family and friends. We are now back over in Turkey! The same city as before just playing for a different team. Team name is Aliaga Petkim. Asher did absolutely amazing on the total of 14 hours of flying. I prayed and prayed that he would be good and he was!! Thank goodness. I will be playing catch up in order to blog about the summer events but just wanted to get some fun pictures up really quick!
Amazing pictures that my brother in law Josh took. Love them!
Asher's first ride in a stroller.
The Campbell family ALL reunited from various parts of the world! St. George trip
Asher on his Blessing Day June 12th, 2011.
My best friends threw me the most adorable "Ice Cream Parlor" themed baby shower. Loved every minute!
Cody and Alycia brought home these amazing outfits from India! So beautiful!
We spent a lot of time at the pool! Asher loves the water!
Asher is 3 months old, loves to smile, stand, snuggle, suck on his hands, rollover and sleep!
Beautiful vacation to San Diego with the Toolson's! The time always passes way too quickly!
This is a small summary of our summary! More to come!
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