Saturday, November 24, 2012

Player of Week #8

It is week #8 of the season and Ryan was chosen as player of the week in the ACB! His team played in a really close game this weekend that ending up going into overtime! Luckily, they ended up pulling it off and Ryan along with other team mates had fantastic games! Ryan is really loving playing with these guys and so far they are having a very successful season!  Ryan ended this game with 29 points along with other players having 15 and above.  They played a long and tough game.  It's always way better to come out of those games with the win!  

Go Ryan! Vamos GranCa!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Second Half of Summer

The second Ryan signs his contract summer seems to step into turbo mode.  The time flies, we jam pack our days and try to savor every moment.  The second half of summer was also fabulous with lots of family vacations, friends and just play... play... play...
Summer evenings almost always ended with Gammie washing Asher's feet.
Ryan watched Asher one afternoon and I came home to him asleep on the floor.

 The end of July we took the Annual Toolson vacation to SAN DIEGO! I want to live there. Asher got his mullet cut off and Ryan was very pleased.

 We went go kart racing
 Ate tons of fabulous food and went to my favorite Jake's Fish House for Mike's Birthday. I am sure glad he has a Birthday so we can celebrate at Jake's!
 Did anyone watch America's Greatest Food Truck Race? Well, here's the Lime Truck! While in San Diego we went to the beach almost every single day.  Asher was the most perfect beach baby. I would hand him a bucket and shovel and off he went.  He would come back for an occasional snack but that was about it.

While visiting the massive Food Truck round up we probably devoured 5,000 calories each.  We rocked that place.  We would split up and each go to a different truck then rendezvous to a meeting spot to try each others grub.  It was my kind of Heaven.

As you can see from quite a few of these photos, Asher is so in love with baby Drew.  He would love on him every second he could.  Sometimes it was even a little too smothering.

 We only get to see most of the Toolson clan once a year so this trip is a must! I am lucky to have married into such an awesome family.

The beginning of August we went down to my parents new house in St. George for baby Becker's blessing.  It was such a fun few days and a last little get away before Ryan had to take off. 

Cody and lulu flew down for about three days in order to be there. They are so sweet and I feel lucky to have the best brother in the world.

Over this summer lulu and Asher became quite the little buddies.  They are like two peas in a pod only Asher is taller and weighs more...they are about one year apart.  

 A few days before Ryan had to leave we went out for another boating adventure.  We took Asher on the tube and then he immediately fell asleep. 
 Benton and Asher...buds.

I told you, she washed his feet almost every night!
 This is the day before Ryan left us for a month.  I teared up when taking this picture.  Asher is seriously obsessed with his daddy. It is magical to watch.  We decided it is best for Ryan to travel over first, get things situated and then we like to join later.  This time was the worst because five days before he left we found out Ryan would be traveling to Munich for surgery all by himself.  He had a double sports hernia surgery and I was a nervous wreck.  It all turned out fine and that is actually worth a post of it's own. But, let's talk about a wife feeling helpless!! 
And Owen was born August 24th! He was 32 weeks and weighed 4 lbs. 10 oz.  Alycia was a champ during her 8 week stay at the hospital! Cody, Alycia and lulu sure went through a lot during this time.  They are incredible. Luckily, I went to Oregon RIGHT before I left to Spain so that I could meet Owen! He is so adorable!  
Next post will be the adventures of Asher and Jess our last month in America!
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