Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Island that's long

Asher and I made a pit stop in Long Island, NY on our way home to Turkey about a month ago. We stopped to see Tyler, Kim, Benton and baby on the way! I was so excited to get to Long Island so that I could see Kim's house, neighborhood, where she shops and what her life is like.  I loved every second!  
 There was a lot of hugging and Benton saying "Ashow, here toy." Benton was so great with Asher and had a huge basket of toys that he had put together for Asher to play with.  He made sure there were teaspoon measurers and even let Asher put on a pair of his big boy underwear OVER his jammies. True love.
 A lot of Benton saying "I hold Ashow."
 A lot of fun outings to try different foods such as bagels, pretzels, deli sandwiches, pizza, calzones and ice cream all while Asher screams in the car until he finally gives up and falls asleep.  Drives me bonkers that he hates his car seat.  It drove Benton bonkers as well. He would start off really patient and then slowly through out the drive he would say "Asher, no cry!" then later he would start mimicking Asher and yell "ASHER, STOP!" I don't blame you Benton.  It is very exhausting.  But, it was worth dealing with the screaming baby to eat a Pizzailoa calzone. It was hands down the best calzone I have ever had. I lived in Italy people! Now, that's saying something! Are you wondering why I'm doing my two month challenge? My goodness...I like food to much.
 Asher tried a swing out for the first time! I think he thought that was pretty fun! This is the day he turned 9 months old and I've been a slacker and haven't blogged about it yet. But, here's a picture!!
 Quick photo...
 before he takes off.
I love my sister! She's an amazing sister and best friend. Thanks for letting us come visit! We had a great time visiting our New Yorkers.


I have been lucky enough to meet women with babies right around Asher's same age. They are all within two months of each other. We have been getting together once a week to have our little ones play and for us to have the opportunity to actually interact with adults.  It's great! Asher mostly just crawls like mad all over the place and pulls everything down from shelves while the other babies calmly sit and "coo and caw" at each other. I think I have an energetic one on my hands! But, that's what I was told by doctors from the very beginning so....I shouldn't be too surprised.
 Asher now has eight mean little chompers!

Asher, Jackson (America), Theodore (France) and Vigo (Netherlands)
Sure is an International bunch! Today they are coming to play at my house!

Join me?

I am going to take a challenge.  I would love to have some friends join me! 

Since I had Asher I have had a hard time accomplishing anything for myself.  I think it is about time to feel like I am doing something for me! With Asher turning one on May 1st I will be doing my best to complete a goal.

I have a passion for fitness. Before I had Asher I loved working out every opportunity I could.  I loved to run, bike, dance, teach dance, practice pilates and try all sorts of new things.  I don't want to say that having Asher has at all ruined my love for these things but it has definitely made getting back into them harder then I expected.  I gained more weight then I should have during pregnancy (about 50lbs) and then with a rough delivery it took me a lot longer then I hoped to be able to get back into what would even be considered a work out.  I don't have as much time as I did before and being a mommy is definitely exhausting!  I am very lucky and have a gym membership with daycare but it still doesn't change the fact that I want my schedule to revolve around Asher.  I want to be with him and Ryan every chance I can.  I don't want to put Asher in daycare and leave him for three hours so that I can get my "sweat on."  The point that I am trying to make is that for the next two months I am doing a fitness challenge.  I will be starting March 1st to May 1st.  Two months.  That is not hard!  I am going to focus on how the busy girl, whether it be a job, kids or just life, can get the most out of a fast and high intensity workout.  I'll be exercising at least 4 days per week for around one hour. Some days may be less or some days may be a little more. It all depends on how my day is going.  That's the whole point of this challenge.  I am going to be living a real life and incorporate a workout schedule into our life.  I will be trying all sorts of new workouts, taking advice from my fitness friends and doing my best to find a routine that works best for me and my family with our schedule.  I will have some guest posts throughout the two months and I am going to do....PICTURES.  Yes, I am a little nervous about this part.  I am sure many of you will even think I am crazy.  In my mind I think I am possibly crazy also.  The reason for me wanting to post pictures is so that I (we) can see if my schedule/routine is actually working! I will also be posting body measurements.  This all is a little personal but I am willing to embarrass myself.  One thing that I need to explain is that I am not a girl that goes by weight.  I may lose some weight or even gain some weight. I will post my weight to show that weight does not accurately tell how great of shape you are in.  I have had a few times in my life where I really feel like I am in incredible shape.  One time (2 years ago) I weighed 145lbs but I felt incredible and extremely fit. I don't care about my weight.  I care about measurements and strength!

So, what do you think? Are you in?  Let me know if you are going to follow along! Summer pretty much begins May 1st! It will be fun!  I'll be posting a couple of times a week along with new pictures/measurements.  I'll share workouts, things I'm eating, schedules I'm trying and I'll even tell you things that aren't working for me.    
Wish me luck!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Ryan had a 6 day break which included travel days.  When we found out about the break we immediately had tickets booked for us to go home and see family.  We have always thought that it would be so much fun to surprise family and so this was our chance!  We told Ryan's family that Ryan only got three days off and that during the break we would be going to Istanbul for Ryan to receive therapy on his shoulder.  We flew home to Utah for Ryan to really see a doctor and then we flew to Arizona. My sister Danielle was a huge help with our surprise.  We drove to Mike and Cheri's house and put Asher in his cars seat on the doorstep.  I hid in the bushes with my sister and Ryan ran around the back of the house. My niece rang the doorbell and ran to hide. First, Grandma Baker answered the door and saw a baby on the doorstep.  She has only seen Asher a couple of times and hadn't seen him for months! She yelled out, " I don't know who this baby belongs to but he sure is cute and I'm gonna keep him!!"
Then she bent down and looked really close, noticed a luggage tag on his car seat that said Istanbul and yelled for Mike! She told Mike there was a package at the door for him.  By this time Asher is SCREAMING because he hates his car seat and no one is picking him up.  Mike came to the door, saw Asher with his two bottom teeth and immediately pulled him out and started yelling "WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!!"
I popped out of the bushes and yelled "SURPRISE!" I then told him how sad we were that Ryan couldn't make it but that we still wanted to surprise them by coming to Arizona to visit...

 BUT THEN Ryan came from the backyard and through the kitchen and surprised everyone again!
 The main reason we wanted to get to Arizona is because K.C. just barely got home from his mission one month ago AND...
 we needed to meet baby Berkley! It was absolutely perfect timing! Everyone was at the house except Sean. 
 Bonding time
 They will definitely be kissin' cousins.
 The surprises weren't over yet! Before we made the journey home we told McKell we were coming to visit! She jumped on board to come surprise also! The day after we surprised the family McKell flew in and Ryan went to pick her up.  It was absolutely perfect because everyone kept saying we only needed McKell to make the Toolson family complete and how long it had been since everyone had been together!  Well, McKell came running in yelling "LET"S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!" It was absolutely perfect! Cheri started crying, Mike yelled "I KNEW IT!" and the rest of us were jumping for joy! It was perfect!
 Asher LOVES his Auntie McKell

 Out to lunch for Colbi's Birthday. Delicious!
 Asher snuggling up to papa Mike. It's rare for Asher to get all snuggly these days...
 Toolson family reunited for the first time in years!
 While we were in Arizona we were also able to spend time with my sister and her family! We went bowling and played the best arcade games ever! In the arcade there were bumper cars? Ya, it was awesome. We all had a great time and I laughed so hard I may have peed my pants watching Josh ram into complete strangers.
 Danielle getting all crazy!
 Asher was not in the happiest of moods because of major confusion mixed with awful jet lag! But, that was okay and he loved hanging out with yellers!
 Sam and Sades. These kids crack me up and are better bowlers then me!
While we were in Arizona we were still adjusting to awful jet lag which meant 5am Wal Mart and Sam's Club runs with McKell and Cheri which is when Asher waved for the very first time! Ryan and I even went and picked up Bosa Donuts one morning at 4am.  I was pretty much in a daze for the four days but it was amazing! Asher would take four hour naps and then go to bed at about 10 until 3. It was glorious.
 Thanks McKell for coming all the way from Texas!! It wouldn't have been the same without you!  She is the green smoothie making Queen! 
 Asher loved meeting his Uncle K.C. for the first time and would just suck his thumb and get really calm any time he held him.
 Ryan left to fly back to Turkey early Sunday morning. The night before everyone came down with the flu. Awesome! McKell and I hid out in the morning to avoid the plague. Sunday afternoon before I left we went over and played at Danielle's house for a few more hours.  Danielle made the most amazing Sunday dinner and I ate way too much.  What a great sister!
We wish there would have been more time in Arizona but there is never enough time! The surprise was amazing and it was definitely a trip we will always remember!

I'm behind!

It's been awhile. Now I am going to attempt and catch up on the last month....
In January we made a last minute SURPRISE trip home.  We started off in Utah.  The trip home went well with Asher.  The only bummer is that he caught a cold as we were flying. I could see him get sick while we were flying.  That is why Asher looks not only jet lagged but really congested and pale in these first pictures.
 Asher's girlfriend Riglee came to see him the first night we arrived!

 Ryan was in Utah for less than 48 hours.  He made the rounds making sure to see everyone he could!  He saw his college Basketball coach, college friends, family and even went to both the doctor and physical therapy for his shoulder. It was a CRAMMED 48 hours.  We went down to Arizona to surprise Ryan's family but that is a whole other post...
 After a visit to Arizona, Asher and I came back to Utah for another 10 days. We spent time with my girlfriends...

 visited my sweet granny and gramps!
 Gammie bought Asher some really sweet Nike Frees and then they snuggled.
 We even had a get together with High School friends!  So great to see everyone!

 Asher fell asleep on bumpa after enjoying a great steak and mashed potato dinner at Chef's Table.  While we were in Utah I ate nonstop.  My dad is such a party animal and took us out for every meal. The scale is feeling it now.
Asher LOVES his uncle Cody. I think he thought he was Ryan sometimes because Cody helped me out so much.
Asher loved playing with his cousin Lulu. She was so cute and would get down and crawl around with Asher instead of walking.  They are the exact same size but almost a year apart.

One bummer about the trip is that everyone got the flu except Asher and me. I think we may have brought the Turkish flu because first everyone got sick in Arizona and then everyone when we came back to Utah. Oops!
Our visit to Utah was great! I love being around family and friends. It's always so refreshing and makes the months away seem like they flew!
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