Friday, October 29, 2010

14 Weeks

Upon Request!! I have been asked to post pictures of my prego belly! I am in the awkward stage where I just feel chubby but that's ok! We went to the doctor again yesterday and had another ultrasound. Looks like we have an energetic baby on our hands! The baby was jumping around and waving it's arms all over the place. The doctor said everything looks great and that we should be able to find out in a couple weeks what we're having. She tried forever yesterday but said that every baby looks like a boy at this stage so she wouldn't give us the 100% on what we're having. We love seeing these ultrasounds and hearing the heartbeat because it makes everything seem so real!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Festivities

When I visited home one of the things I wanted to be sure to do was participate in some Fall festivities. Well, we did it! My cute mom went all out for this fun night! We went and bought paint, ribbon, stickers, markers, wood carving kit (for the pumpkins), spray paint and a bunch of pumpkins! My mom did lots of research online finding cute ways to spiff up these little pumpkins! We started off the night with a family favorite, Brick Oven! Following with a delicious ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins THEN the pumpkin madness! It was a perfect festive night.
A little taste of some of our creations!

Happy Halloween!

P.S. I wanted to post pictures of Disney World. Come to find out all of them got deleted off my camera when I uploaded them on to my parents computer. I will have to blog about it when I go home again in December. Bummer. At least they are somewhere and not just deleted!

Friday, October 1, 2010

More of the news...

I have a few funny and cute stories about how I told my friends I was pregnant! The best was how I told my best friend Stef. It was perfect! My mom, sister and I were baking a million homemade rolls for a Stake Young Women Activity my mom had. Stef came over to learn how to make rolls and to help! Right when she showed up we were rolling out some dough and I said "Stef, do you know why we're making so many buns?" And she was confused obviously knowing it was for a YW activity but then I said "It's cause I have a bun in the oven!" She was so cute! She started crying which then made my mom cry then causing us all to jump and scream in the kitchen!

Then the next day we went to lunch with Caitlin and Kami at Happy Sumo. Stef and i made up a little poem that doesn't rhyme and basically makes no sense but it worked! We wrote it as if Stef's daughter Paislee was saying it...
It said:
Finally I have someone to play
When the big girls have their lunch days
We'll giggle, we'll smile, we'll be crazy and diddaly (not a word-we know!)
But I'll have to meet you when I get home from Italy!
Love, Baby Toolson
Then of course Caitlin and Kami started to cry! It was great!!
Then for my going away party we got a group of girls and went to Goodwood for dinner. Kami thought of the cutest way to tell everyone! We got a bag of kisses and took the papers out re-stuffing them with tiny papers that Kami had made saying
"I can't wait to give you Hugs and Kisses! Love, Baby Toolson"
We then drove all the way to Bountiful for Nielsen's Custard and made a quick stop by Hobbitville. By far the funniest thing I have ever participated in. This story will be top 5 of my memories forever!
I can't wait for our baby to have so many amazing Aunts!!

Spilled the Beans

I was having a hard time deciding whether to tell my family and friends that I was pregnant before I left to Italy or not. The decision didn't take long...I WAS TOO EXCITED! So, I spilled the beans! It is not nearly as much fun to tell family and friends over the phone or on Skype so I didn't wait. I decided to tell my family by putting them through a little game called "Ramble Scramble" that supposedly was on and my best friend Stef played with her family. I made that all up! But my family is always in for random games and fun activities! I got all the grandkids and gave them numbers meaning they were in some sort of order.
First, alphabetical order. Benton, Olivia, Sadie and Sam- they figured it out really fast! I can never stump Cody.
Second, all sorts of things! Height, age, order of grandchild and more. They came up with plenty ideas of what it was!
Third, the order of grandchildren! It didn't take them long to figure this out because the second I held up the 5 I started crying...sobbing is more like it! We all screamed and jumped and cried and laughed and skyped! It was perfect!
And of course, the proud daddy watching in on the whole thing! I woke him up at 3am in Italy to participate! I know I look like a wreck cause I was so emotional but who cares...

Then...telling the TOOLSON'S! This seemed to be a lot trickier then we had hoped! We were trying to find a way to 3-way with Ryan so that he could see and hear but it never worked! Then when Ryan could call they wouldn't be home and it seemed like days before we could tell them the news! We were so excited to tell them! We eventually told them with basically the same idea but through Skype and obviously with pictures instead of people! Ryan was on speaker phone and I showed them the pictures. I don't have pictures of this, sorry! I showed them a picture of Johnny and they were so funny "Oh, cute! Isn't he funny!" Probably wondering why on earth I am holding up a picture of Johnny with a #1 on it. Then I held up a picture of Livy with a #2 and they said the same things! Then I held up this picture of me! They were so excited! It was perfect! I think a little confused at first because the screen was a little blurry but then they understood! It was great! We're so excited to have grandbaby #3 on the Toolson side! Along with Sean and Colbi's #4 not too far behind!
We're excited for you baby!
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