Monday, October 31, 2011

A trip across the border

In October we went on a vacation with my family to Punta Mita, Mexico.  This is one of my most favorite vacation spots so you better believe I wasn't about to miss out on this trip.  Asher and I made our way home from Turkey, got adjusted to the time change for a few days and then off we were to spend some time in the sun. Actually, now that I think about it. I should say to spend some time in the shade in a place where it is sunny.  You don't spend much time basking in the sun when you have a baby! Fine by me...I didn't come home with too much of a tan but let's call it a nice "glow."
 Asher took a few naps out in the tropical breeze in a pack n' play they would set up for him.  He looked like he was in heaven!  Treatment of a king.
 Cody and Benton floating around the lazy river.
 We spent a lot of time in the dipping pool at our house before nap time or in the evening.  The kids loved it and I enjoyed a couple naps out there myself.
 Asher loved the water!
 Asher and Gammie
 Stylin' Lulu! Love this girl.
 Iguanas were everywhere!! My dad knows all of their hiding spots because he comes to this same place twice a year.  A walk to the pool or beach was quite an adventure spotting all the ginormous iguanas. 

 Bumpa, Gammie and Asher enjoying a nice cruise around the pool.
 Told you...he loved the water!  Most of the time he would play for ten minutes and then start sucking his thumb and fall asleep on my shoulder. I loved it.

 Out to dinner.  I enjoyed the most incredible Pink Snapper with homemade tortillas. Wow!
 Picking out our fish in the morning.  You pick it in the morning and they cook it for you in the evening.
 Asher working his magic. Such a flirt.

 Lulu was sad Alycia was holding Asher.  We may have been taunting this to happen.

 My mom built me a flotation device. I loved it!

 Ready to go around the lazy river! My mom takes the lazy river the opposite way for exercise.  We would sit in tubes and she would drag us around.  Exercise on vacation? nah...

 My camera would fog up every time we came outside. oops.
 Asher enjoying another nap.

 I love this picture of the cousins.  Isn't that cute?
 Cody fishing.  
 We missed Ryan.  That's one downfall to Ryan's work.  No such thing as vacation time or sick days!

 Tyler fishing.
 He's discovered this new spitting thing.  He thinks it's quite entertaining.
 Asher exhausted from a long day at the pool.  Dinners were hit or miss on if he would sit like this or fuss until he'd give up and fall asleep.
 Mom and dad enjoying their 3 o'clock gelato!  The bell would ring and we would run! Shave ice was at 2! Better believe we didn't miss that either.
 Isn't his bum so cute? I had to include this.
 Kimki and T-spice
 Benton woke up from a nap at the pool a little out of it. I had to capture the image. His face is classic!
 Asher loved taking baths outside on my parents balcony.  He would lay perfectly still the whole time in complete relaxation.  That is not normal for him in the tub!
The only entire group picture I took the whole trip. Bummer! 
Cody in his ARMY hat he got for free when he was like 16.  We have seen this hat for years! It's pretty much the only thing that Cody hasn't lost ;)

 Benton loved pushing Asher in the stroller!

 The kids playing on the edge of the infinity pool. 
 I love this picture!  

 Asher turned 5 months old!  And he had to borrow Benton's shirt that we like to call the "Mexico or Hawaii ONLY shirt."
 In case you haven't noticed, I have a thumb sucker and I LOVE IT!
 Bumpa and Asher
 A few nights we were tired and didn't feel like getting all dressed up for dinner so we ordered in! Let's just say it was quite a feast! We would eat amazing food in our robes.  I think I ate enough chips and guacamole for 30 people while we were there.

Loved every minute of this vacation! We missed the family that couldn't join us!  
Thanks mom and dad for another memorable vacation!
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