Monday, November 29, 2010

We call them Anzianos

We love the Elders! This is Anziano Gallacher and Anziano Hill. They are currently serving in Treviso and we love having them! We've had them over for dinner and brunch! Both times I let them make the requests. First time they chose my mom's amazing recipe for Chicken Pot Pie! Then for brunch they requested German Pancakes and Surprise Muffins. Ryan was whispering in their ears for the brunch request because his mom's recipe of German Pancakes with buttermilk syrup is also among our favorites! We've also met up with them for gelato, they've taught us Italian lessons and they help Ryan out when he can't make it to church by coming to us. What a blessing to have Elders in the area.
Also meet Danielle! I love this girl! She is here working as a nanny from London. I am so sad to say that she leaves us in 2 weeks. She is a convert to the church and is the sweetest thing you've ever met. I'll miss her very much! At church she is the only member that I can speak English with! Don't leave Danielle!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've adopted a new habit. Enjoying simple walks! Before the pregnancy I loved to run miles every single day. Now that's uncomfortable so I am taking these few months to enjoy a calming stroll. You girls out there that can run through your pregnancy amaze me! I had to stop in my first trimester. Anyway, I thought I would post a few pictures that I took while out on my walk a couple weeks ago. Now it has begun to snow every once in a while so the colors aren't as pretty but I love the snow! The holidays aren't the same without it.
I hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We will be celebrating tomorrow. Finally a morning off from practice and enough time to get together! Happy Weekend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


We are very very happy to hear everything is looking healthy at this point! Thankful to learn he has all his fingers, toes, a strong heart, two kidneys, and all the measurements look great! Perfect Thanksgiving Day gift.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The big 1-8!

I am now 18 weeks!
I've been feeling great! People are right when they say the second trimester is better then the first! I am starting to feel "flutters" and I am positive it's the baby! Ryan asks if it's just gas! haha I crave healthy foods most of the time which is random. I am a huge sweets person usually! But they don't sound quite as delicious at the moment! Not to say I don't ever have any. Gelato anyone? I say, YES!! I have to sleep on my side with a pillow to sprawl on. I have a certain position that is the absolute best! Next purchase is a body pillow. The baby is now about the size of a bell pepper. Keep growing! And did I mention I am an absolute pro at getting blood drawn now? This used to be quite the ordeal. Ask my sister Kim about our experience the first appointment I had. Let's just mention some nervous sweats and you can choose the rest of the story. But here in Italy they do blood work once a month for normal pregnancies and I've been having it done about twice a month for random things here and there. It doesn't even phase me. The nurses at the Lab know me by name and they are little speed demons! Ryan doesn't even have to remind me to breathe anymore. I have my favorite picture on the wall I stare at every time and it's over before I know it! That's big for me!
But today is the day! Boy or girl? I've been looking forward to this for weeks! The bambino better participate and not have it's legs crossed!
And now for Ryan's maternity picture! It took everything in him to push out his belly this much. Silly boy!
Another post to come tonight! Thanks for enduring my rambling about my pregnancy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seeking help

So this post may sound a little personal to blog about but I am to the point where I will take any suggestions. My hair is falling out. I don't mean a few strands here and there. I know that is normal. I mean falling out in very large handfuls or piles I should say. I take a shower and lose probably about 5 globs of hair in my fingers. I brush my hair and had to clean out the brush 2 times yesterday. I run my fingers through my hair and at least 15 strands of hair come out at a time. It is all over my clothes, couch, bed, floor. It's gross! When I brushed my hair again this morning the brush needed to be cleaned out again. Today I showed Ryan and HE was worried which says a lot because he always tries to keep me calm. I can tell a major difference in my hair to the point where I think I may be bald in about 2 weeks if this keeps up. My hair is really thin and I will be cutting it shorter when I get home so it isn't as noticeable. You think I'm exaggerating. I'M NOT!! I would post pictures of the piles of hair but that is gross. Here is what's going on. The doctors have discovered I am having a problem with my thyroid which only began with the pregnancy. This can be normal and it happens to many people! That is good to know but the medication I have been put on comes with major side effects. I don't want to sound like I am complaining because really I will go bald and wear a wig for this baby. I am so grateful to become a mommy and I'll take all the funny things that happen to your body during pregnancy in order to have this baby! I mean it! Really the reason for this post is to see if any of you can tell me you've been through the same thing? If you found a solution? If there is a doctor at home you recommend I see in a couple weeks? I have great doctors here but it always helps to see multiple people. I am going in tomorrow for more blood tests and am hoping they can figure out if there is another medication that will help the same with the thyroid but also stop with the hair loss and many other side effects. Again I apologize if this is a little out there and TMI for blogging but I'm desperate! Anybody? PLEASE!!?

Monday, November 22, 2010

One word...CHOCOLATE

This weekend in the center of the city there was a chocolate market! It was amazing! There were about 15 tents set up with different chocolatiers in each one. I wanted to try everything! I loved every second...

Do you see the horseshoes, keys and screws made out of chocolate?
He was my favorite! Not a great picture but he made beautiful truffles!!
Chocolate high heels! Every women's dream.

Chocolate Market...COME BACK PLEASE!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Basketball and Baby

Here are a few pictures I took at the last home game. Ryan is now #20. His favorite number is 10 and it has been his jersey number for years and years but this year it was taken. We decided that this is his 2nd year pro (x) his favorite #10 = 20 It works great! The games are very energetic! Lots of fans, tradition and awesome Basketball!
And...I'm 16 weeks!
My belly has POPPED the last couple weeks! It is fun to finally feel pregnant and to not just be told I'm pregnant. I have to wear my bella bands and adjust what shirts I can wear! Ryan thinks it is so fun to see my belly growing. He is so funny. The other day at the doctor there were a bunch of women that looked ready to pop. Ryan couldn't stop talking about how fun it will be when he can feel the baby moving and to see me have to waddle to walk etc. I told him I can wait! I hope I never waddle. But I know those times are going to be here before I know it!
I want your predictions!
We go back to the doctor on November 25th to find out if the baby is a boy or girl! Perfect Thanksgiving Day gift! I want to know what all of you think we're having! Even if you haven't been around me just take a guess! I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A little taste

So you may not know this but living in another country while your husband is working leaves you with a lot of free time! My sister Kim gave me a genius idea for something to do in order to fill the time. Go around and snap random pictures with my new camera! Ryan has a practice in the morning and again at night E V E R Y D A Y. So tonight I decided to get out and take some pictures around the city!

The center square of Treviso
There is a massive and beautiful Benetton store 5 minutes from my house. I LOVE THE CLOTHES! I can't wait to find out what I'm having just to go shopping here for the baby (and me of course!) I figure Ryan can't complain...I'll just tell him I'm supporting his team!
Also, a big part of getting me out was I needed to walk off my INCREDIBLY sore body. I finally went to the gym yesterday and decided to do legs. I haven't worked out just my legs in quite some time now! Let's just say I'm so sore it hurts to sit down on the toilet! But I love it at the same time.
Oh and uh...I know it's the beginning of November but we put up our Christmas tree! I love it! It's small but when you have to move from country to country the smaller the better. I am obsessed with the decorations we bought at Ikea. Yet again Ikea you did me proud! Bring on the Holiday spirit!
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