Sunday, April 29, 2012

Asher's 1st Birthday!

Picture overload but I have to share Asher's first party with family back home! We had the most wonderful time celebrating Asher's first year a little early! It was perfect weather, great friends and delicious cake! It was a really simple party with just cake and running around at the horse park.  The kids played games on the grass, rode the horses and the adults chatted the evening away under a shaded gazebo.  Perfect summer evening.  I had such a great time and it made me feel a million times better about not being home ON his actual birthday to celebrate. After all, Asher doesn't know but I sure do!
 I was extremely nervous about how the cake would turn out but we thought it was adorable! The basketball (Ryan thought it was a sun) cracked me up.  My dear friend Megan saved the day with helping me order the cake. We used our negotiating skills and her awesome Turkish to get us this fun cake!  It tasted incredible! Chocolate cake, in four layers with cream cheese frosting, sliced strawberries and chocolate chunks in between each layer. YUM! Oh, and don't you love the stars? I guess we are Jewish?
 I love "Asher's" facial expression in the airplane.
 Asher petting the horses with the Tay Park horse trainer.

 Their names are Caramel and Chocolate...I would have never guessed ;)

 We added an Italian flag, Turkish flag and American flag to represent all of the places Asher has lived so far!
 Oh, he just cracks me up.

 NATO families, friends from church, basketball friends and friends I've made!

 He almost started crying about three times when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him.  He was a little bit confused and wondering why everyone was screaming at him!
 At first he reacted completely different then expected to his huge piece of cake.  I thought he would dig right on in...
 With all eyes on him, he wasn't too interested in his cake...
 but when everyone looked away he went to town!
I gave him a HUGE piece and after about 20 minutes it was all gone!

 Uncle Brian and Uncle Trent
 The Barton family + Devon 
The Kurt family -  Asli and Melinda
Ava and Maggie

 Asli and Melinda
 Megan (International School Teacher) and Allison (from Boston but married to a Turk)

 Cleaning him up with only wipes and towels was interesting.  I even brought towels from home and water but that cake was everywhere!! Asher wasn't too happy by the end.  I can see why a bath tub is necessary AT a first birthday party.
 Umit (Ryan's teammate) and Asli with adorable Melinda. We love them!
 Asher wanted nothing to do with the grass. Every time we tried to put him down to crawl around he immediately did this flamingo stance.  It took him an hour and a lot of coaxing from adorable Abby (below) to get him to enjoy the grass!
 Asher is slightly obsessed with Abby.  He cries every time we have to leave her.
 I painted the kids faces. I'm not kidding, Ashlynn asked for glasses a beard and boogers.  That's what I gave her minus the boogers!

 Jenn and Devon. They are amazing!

 Brian, Ryan andTrent. They are the best of buds.
Asher opened up some gifts after the party and has been obsessed with this present ever since!
We have loved this entire year with Asher. We are excited to get home to family and more friends so that we can celebrate all over again! I'm sure Asher won't complain about eating cake again.  It was such a great party and I'm so glad we have made such great friends here that really help ease the pain of being away!  Asher has made this past year so amazing and I feel so lucky to be his mommy.  
Happy 1st Birthday Asher!  We sure love you!
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